Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen Consultations
A veterinary dermatopathologist can be best compared to a "skin detective".
They piece together information using both clinical history and individual animal clues as well as the pathology findings to come up with either a definitive, or a "best fit" diagnosis and often work closely with the clinician.
Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen offers a dermatopathology consultation service. We use knowledge of clinical dermatology AND dermatopathology to provide diagnostic and therapeutic information about a patient to the practising veterinarian.
What do I submit?
Skin biopsies fixed and stored in formalin (click here for tips regarding sampling) or "recut slides" from skin biopsy specimens already processed elsewhere
What is the turn-around time?
Upon receipt of the sample, the report can be expected within 7 to 10 days.
What is expected in this report?
There are two types of report: a simple report with a diagnosis and basic description - such as is made with tumors or infections - and a more detailed report including a clinicopathologic correlation such as is needed in more complicated dermatoses.
Veterinarians who are interested can view an example of each report here and can download a submission form below.
What is the cost?
Dermatopathology is typically far more time intensive than most other forms of pathology and the training is specialised and for this reason the costs are typically higher.
€30.00 : a basic description incl. processing
€50.00 : a detailed report and incl. processing and
€35.00 : for a report of an already processed sample (incl. VAT / MWSt).
A delay can be expected if Dr Bettenay is away from the laboratory, as she is the sole dermatopathologist. This will occur when she travels to attend conferences or to give lectures and of course for family vacation.
dates for 2011 when Dr Bettenay will be away (for more than a few days) are listed below.
April 4-8 (Conference, Austria)
April 18 - May 7 (Family vacation & 2 x CVE conference);
August 22 - Sept 2 (Conference: University of Zagreb & Familiy vacation
September 8-10 (ESVD/ECVD annual conference);
November (CVE conference)

During these times, any samples arriving at Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen will be
directly forwarded to Dr Wolf von Bomhard for an immediate opinion.
Should Dr Bettenay's input still be required on your case, this can be requested on her return.
Sampling an area with non-specific changes leads to a non-specific result. Selecting the sites most likely to yield a diagnosis can be tricky. We offer a unique service, whereby - using your photographs and returning the recommendation by fax - we will advise the site and type of biopsy we would recommend, with a "next day" turnaround time. Please note that this recommendation cannot guarantee a confirmed diagnosis, but it can certainly help select the best possible biopsy site.

What is the cost?