What do we offer? Where the owner cannot or will not accept a physical referral to a veterinary dermatologist, there is often the possibility that specialist input can be helpful in that patient's management. If you, as the examining veterinarian supply us with historical, physical examination and test result data we can comment on possible strategies, differential diagnoses to consider and on the current treatment regime. Pictures are extremely helpful. All comments made by us will be based on the findings of your examinations and questions. We will supply a written report, which can then also be given to the owner (who will typically be paying for this service).
What do we not offer? This is not a diagnostic service. Offering a diagnostic opinion without a personal examination could jeopardise the health of the animal under your care and we will not do this.
What is the cost and how does one pay? For a typical consultation 50-€ payable by credit card or direct bank transfer. For an extremely detailed and more time consuming case, this may increase to 75-€.
Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen Consultations
Dear Colleague, welcome to this website dedicated to animal dermatology and dermatopathology. The following information pages are designed to help you with your patients. If you think the patient information pages will help owners to understand their pet's dermatitis better, please feel free to send them to this website.

In the part dedicated to
Clinical Problems (see button to the left) we have information grouped based on clinical signs at presentation, to select these choose the appropriate buttons on the menu at the left side of the "Clinical Problems" page. We hope that the disease descriptions and pictures may help you to narrow your differential diagnosis lists.
Any references to treatment are intentionally broad, as it is neither possible, ethical or legal to make treatment recommendations without having detailed individual patient information.

As a service to veterinarians who have no access to a referral dermatology specialist or whose clients decline such a referral, we offer a form of "teledermatology" as a service (see below). This service is not intended to replace a referral where the owners would be able and willing to undertake such.
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