Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen
5 steps to better biopsy site selection:

1.Take up to 5 photographs of the lesions on your patient -and an additional overview photo to help orient us.

2. Please take some time to look for primary lesions such as pustules, papules and alopecia. Clip the hair away to obtain a better view - but leave 1-2mm so that the surface of the skin itself is not disturbed.
Select 4 to 6 areas which give a range of lesions, from most to least severely affected.

3. Save the photos in a jpg size smaller than 2000 KB
Save them with the name of the animal and either a simple number or location clarification. eg Fluffy#1, Fluffy#2, Fluffyphoto1, Fluffyphoto2, Fluffy-leg, Fluffy-abdomen. When photos are numbered, include a elgend in the e-mail text body.

4. Send the photos to s-bettena@t-online.de
Please do NOT exceed a total of 1500KB per mail, otherwise the e-mail may bounce back.

5. Please include your fax number, your practice details, the patient details and the bank-transfer authorisation details. We will directly debit 20€ from your account.

What will you receive from us?
1. A fax of your photographs, with the lesions circled
2. A written recommendation regarding the preferred biopsy technique (i.e. an ellipse or a punch - or either)
3. Further specific comments as appropriate to each individual case
Example 1 Felix's Face:
1. Hypotrichosis with erythema
.....punch 100% same changes
2. Papule .. punch with papule in centre
3. Ulcer, alopecia, exudation
....ellipse as the lesions vary within mm's
4. Pustule ... 4mm punch, avoiding the eyelid margin.
Comments Two more biopsies, searching for papules and pustules if possible or a crusted papule as third choice. Search around the cheeks and lips margins for areas more amenable to a larger biopsy. Be sure to sample th epunch biopsies deeply and be careful with the small punch biopsies not to crush the tissues when handling them