Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen Consultations
Tierdermatologie Deisenhofen
Schaeftlarner Weg 1a
82041 Deisenhofen
International: +49 89 6790 5038 or 49 89 95464200
From Germany: 089 6790 5038 or 089 9546 4200
Veterinarians who wish to contact us directly, can choose to ask a question via the clinical consultation service or to submit a skin biopsy sample. The buttons to take you to those pages are on the left.
We do not have a direct telephone contact number, because we all work in different places at different times. Fax and e-mail are the easiest methods of contacting us.
Contact us?
We regret that we cannot answer your questions directly. Offering an opinion
without a veterinary examination could jeopardise the health of your animal
and we will not do this. Should your veterinarian require specialist dermatologist advice, they are able to contact us or the veterinary dermatologist they work with and trust.